Who Are We?

Aubrey Morris is a size inclusive petite clothing brand that was created to fill the void that petite women feel when they go shopping. It was designed with all shapes and sizes in mind. Break up with your tailor, shortie.

But Why?

How many times have you been in a store, and the petite section was either in a small corner in the back or just didn't exist. What about when you do find the petite section, and its clearly not made with curves in mind. Petite and skinny are NOT synonymous. I think its time we wake up the fashion industry.  

A Message From Our Founder

Hey there! As a fellow petite woman, I knew what it felt like to go shopping and never be able to find what I wanted, it was either too long, or I had to buy clothes too big just to get them tailored to fit my body (who has time for that?). There is always a new clothing brand popping up, but for some reason, the majority of women buying clothes somehow get left out. The models are always 5'8 (tall asses, its so unfair!) and above and a size 2. Its unrealistic, and shortsighted - no pun intended. Women want to see women who look like them, I want to see women who like me. So, instead of complaining, I created. I made the brand I wanted to see in the world, and I hope every one of you who visits this website sees themselves in my clothes.

-Kirstin, Founder & CEO